Dr Lorrae Griffiths
Dr Lorrae GriffithsOsteopath
Lorrae is passionate about health care. She wants to see all her patients enjoying their lives to the fullest whether it be competing in sports, playing with their kids or partaking in their hobbies. She believes health care is a team effort between practitioner and patient and strives to enable people to take the drivers seat in their own health.
Dr Meg Withers
Dr Meg WithersOsteopath
Meg is interested in many conditions, varying from headaches, neck pain, Women’s health issues amongst many others. She loves cooking and eating and believes that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of your body.
Dr Georgia Le Maitre
Dr Georgia Le MaitreOsteopath
Dr Todd Stewart
Dr Todd StewartOsteopath
Todd is passionate about educating his patients about their health and well-being and the role they can play in assisting with their condition. He enjoys seeing patients improve under his care and guidance. He enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions from Sports related injuries to jaw issues, knees, shoulders and feet.
Lisa Lentini
Lisa LentiniOsteopath
Dr Amanda Bowden
Dr Amanda BowdenOsteopath
Dr Luis Goldbaum
Dr Luis GoldbaumOsteopath
Dr Mia Crawford
Dr Mia CrawfordOsteopath
Mia is passionate about educating her patients about how they can take an active approach to their own health. She enjoys seeing her patients happier and healthier.
Dr Simon Nawrocki
Dr Simon NawrockiOsteopath
First and foremost Simon is loyal supporter of the Melbourne Demons in the AFL. He is also devoted to developing Focus Osteopathy into the centre that the community thoroughly deserve.


Tania Preston
Tania PrestonRemedial Massage Therapist
Tania has a keen interest in people and the way the human body and mind responds to different life events and stresses. She loves the outdoors and also loves helping people de-stress through the experience of massage.
Kelley Levi
Kelley LeviRemedial Massage Therapist
Lauren Spencer
Lauren SpencerRemedial Massage Therapist

Exercise Rehabilitation / Clinical Pilates

Alex Fairbanks
Alex FairbanksExercise Physiologist
Alex has a passion for exercise rehabilitation and uses a variety of exercises to get people back to doing what they enjoy.
Alita White
Alita WhiteExercise Physiologist
Alita believes that exercise is for everyone, no matter your age, complaint, or fitness level. There will be an exercise suitable for you, it’s just a matter of finding it and that’s where Alita comes in! She enjoy’s helping people establish a program that fits their lifestyle to help get the best quality of life.
Madeleine Linton
Madeleine LintonExercise Physiologist
Maddy believes that exercise is medicine and is passionate about assisting her patients to undertake the correct type of exercise for their individual concerns. Although she enjoys working with a wide range of conditions, she has a particular interest in postural imbalances and the use of corrective exercise to restore function and balance to the body.
Kelly Williams
Kelly WilliamsExercise Physiologist
Kelly likes to portray a positive approach to health and well-being, she enjoys meeting new patients to work in unison to develop a positive outcome for their rehabilitation. The goal is to help people feel better and lead a healthier life through the inclusion of exercise and lifestyle behaviour changes.


Tessa Sanos
Tessa SanosNutritionist
Tessa is extremely passionate about nutrition and truly enjoys helping people to improve their health. She enjoys seeing how often small changes can make such a big difference to how someone feels.

Administration Team

Cara Jowsey
Cara JowseySenior Admin / Reception
Being well-travelled, Cara has recently settled in to Melbourne, where she is very excited to continue her career in Allied Health Administration.
Julie Meade
Julie MeadeSenior Admin / Reception
Zoe Stephens
Zoe StephensAdmin / Reception
Caitlin Gill
Caitlin GillAdmin / Reception