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Janina Lambrianidis

Janina has been involved in multiple sports in her lifetime including her favourite basketball which lead to her to see an Osteopath for her growing (not so tall) and evolving pains. This inspired Janina to become the Osteopath she is today with an eagerness to learn about the human body and how it moves as well as the passion to help others get back to what they love doing most

Since joining the Focus team, Janina has gone on to complete a Pilates Rehabilitation course which has been of great benefit to those in her care.  Janina particularly enjoys Pilates Rehabilitation as part of her care to patients due to the focus on body awareness, strength, mobility and breath work while being a low impact exercise which is perfect for those that have injuries.  

Janina has a strong desire to help women that are pre-natal and post-partum. She believes that all women deserve to feel strong and supported during their journey of pregnancy and early motherhood. Janina incorporates both osteopathic treatment and exercise prescription (including Pilates) to help women be the best versions of themselves.  

Janina has the determination, motivation and perseverance to ensure that whoever crosses her path are able to achieve their goals, feel empowered and have a bit of a laugh as well. Janina believes that life is too short to wait around for something to happen so encourages to make a difference today. 

Tip… Janina absolutely loves board/card games, ask her about her collection

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and Rehabilitation Pilates for Allied Health Practitioners
  • Role: Osteopath
  • Born: Melbourne
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Siblings: Younger Brother


  • Colour: Purple, blue, green, pink
  • Restaurant: Zonzo’s
  • Food: Anything CARBS! Pizza, pasta, bread etc
  • Holiday: Greece, Queensland and Rosebud
  • TV Show: That’s So Raven 
  • Singer/Group: Beyoncé
  • Celebrity: Will Smith
  • Book: The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins
  • Sports: Basketball, AFL, Soccer
  • Team: Golden State Warriors, Pies, Melbourne Victory
  • Hobbies: Go to the beach, go exploring and spend time with my family and friends