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Lorrae Griffiths

Lorrae is a co-founder of Focus Osteopathy. First and foremost, Lorrae is a people person. She loves a good chat and a laugh, which all her clients and the team here would attest to. She is a wizard at building strong connection with everyone she meets. Lorrae has extensive experience in the osteopathy field. Her passion lies with pelvic health issues, women’s health, pregnancy and post-partum recovery and the intricate workings of the hips and pelvis. She has a proven track record of successfully assisting clients with complex issues in these areas. When you see Lorrae, expect to become a team with her and her fellow colleagues to take control of your health and the amazing capabilities of your body. 

In the latter half of her career Lorrae has become an advocate for pregnant and post-partum people. She believes the journey and changes to the body throughout pregnancy is incredible. It’s capability to grow, protect and nurture a baby is inspiring. Even more so is the intuitive nature of the body through childbirth. Lorrae wants all pregnant persons to feel empowered throughout their pregnancy journey, inclusive of childbirth. To love, appreciate and be in awe of the capabilities of their bodies.  

She is highly skilled and trained with managing pregnant and post-partum people and the changes their bodies go through throughout pregnancy, post-partum and beyond.  

Lorrae is additionally trained and skilled in pelvic health issues inclusive of assessment, treatment and management of complaints of the pelvic floor and pelvic organs internally. This includes, preparation for childbirth, post-partum scar management (tears or episiotomies), coccyx pain (coccydynia), urinary and bowel function (pain or incontinence etc), pelvic organ prolapse and more.  

Lorrae says “I’m passionate about choice, for everyone to know, understand and appreciate their bodies and health choices” She believes the same for any person with pelvic health complaints, during pregnancy and into the motherhood journey and beyond. 

Tip…Lorrae has two children – one with a physical disability. She understands the joy and challenges that come with caring for a person with additional needs and or disability. She has suffered post-natal depression, sleep deprivation and a most of all a lot of joy in her motherhood journey! She will share in your parenting stories! Lorrae LOVES food and cooking – Ask her what her favourite restaurants are! She is always looking for a new recipe to try as well. Lorrae considers herself a green thumb – Ask her what she has growing in her garden.

  • Qualifications: B.Sc.(Clin.Sc), M.H.Sc(Osteo), Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner (currently inactive status – ask Lorrae for referrals to other local practitioners!)
  • Role: Co-Founder, Osteopath, Clinical Mentor, Pelvic Health Practitioner, University Internship Co-ordinator and Supervisor at Focus Osteopathy
  • Professional: Member of Osteopathy Australia’s Pre and Post-Birth Support and Pelvic Health Committee. 
  • Areas of Interest: Pelvic Health, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Hips 
  • Born: Melbourne
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Siblings: One older brother


  • Colour: Blue
  • Restaurant: Matsumoto
  • Food: ANY!! I love hot (chilli) sauce
  • Holiday: Hawaii or Bali
  • TV Show: Outlander, Suits
  • Singer/Group: Ben Harper
  • Celebrity: Blake Lively
  • Book: Dare to Lead – Brene Brown, Invisible Life of Us – Mandy Hose and Kate Jones 
  • Sports: Tennis, Dancing
  • Teams: Collingwood
  • Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, sewing