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Alex Fairbanks

Alex has been working as an Exercise Physiologist for over five years and lucky for us she has been working her magic here at Focus for more than three of those years. Alex is an avid runner, tennis player and a lover of all sports. Having gone through her own injury as a young tennis player she understands what it takes to get back to function and performance at all levels. AND getting back the confidence in your body! She has a huge passion and love for sports rehabilitation and performance, sports of all types and people of all levels (parents – that means kids as well!). Or even if you don’t play any sports and you are continually suffering from chronic pain, stiffness or instability, she will be your go-to.

Having also been through her own pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey Alex is in the know about all things pre- and post-natal, especially when it comes to movement and exercise. If you are struggling with time constraints, pregnancy related pain, lack of confidence in your body or you are wanting to achieve that next physical goal (whatever it may be), Alex will help get you there.

Alex believes that adopting a holistic and active approach to your rehabilitation is the best thing you can do. She will help you to address and improve the most important areas of health – mindfulness, nutrition, sleep and of course MOVEMENT AND EXERCISE.

Tip… I’m the Mum of a little boy & girl who keep me on my toes when I am not in the clinic! I used to play a lot of tennis growing up, almost every day until I sustained a back injury which forced me to stop for a while so I became a long-time coach! Another interesting fact – I never crawled and started walking at 9 months, was also bald until 2 years old!!

  • Qualifications: ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Level 1 Equipment and Matwork Pilates instructor; Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology; Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Role: Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Born: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Siblings: Four younger siblings, two brother and two sisters


  • Colour: Black…haha!
  • Restaurant: Miznon, Tonka, Supernormal, Hannoi Hannah
  • Food: Middle Eastern and Japanese
  • Holiday: India, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France
  • TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Singer/Group: Tribe Called Quest, Jamie XX, Bonobo, Chassol, David Bowie and many more
  • Celebrity: No idea
  • Book: I’ll get back to you, let me check my bookshelf
  • Sports: Tennis
  • Team: St Kilda – Footy
  • Hobbies: Listening to live music, Eating out at restaurants, Family and friends, Cooking, Exercising, Reading