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Dr. Lorrae Griffiths (Osteopath)

About Dr. Lorrae Griffiths (Osteopath)

Lorrae has a structural and gentle functional treatment approach suitable for all ages and a diverse range of musculoskeletal complaints. She has a keen interest in treating pregnancy-related pelvic issues and hip problems.

When your shoulder is really a pain in the neck…

An aching shoulder may not necessarily indicate a shoulder problem, and equally a sore neck may not always be a neck problem. The body can often report pain in a confusing, unreliable way. It is common that people with shoulder pain really have a neck problem and vice versa. Why? Because the neck and shoulder [...]

Pregnancy Back Pain from an Osteopath’s view

Pregnancy is such a special experience. There is something to be said about carrying, growing and protecting your little bundle of joy. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling. The pregnancy experience is often described as all joy, love, glowing and happiness, however in reality it can actually turn out to be all nausea, [...]