How Osteopathy Can Help Your Postpartum Pain

How Osteopathy Can Help Your Postpartum Pain

The postpartum period can bring new sensations, aches and pains, and a selfless outlook on life. New mums usually put themselves last, but in fact you should be the priority. Seeking help as soon as discomfort strikes means you can show up for your new baby, family and most importantly yourself. And that’s where we can help – here’s how.

If you, or someone you know, is currently struggling with new or maybe even chronic pain – then osteopathy could be just what you need; especially if you (or they) have recently become a new Mum.

Discomfort after giving birth, or simply feeling “off” following delivery, is not uncommon, and you should listen to those niggles and pains. Not because you have anything to fear, but because we can provide management of any postpartum discomfort. Why prolong any of those aches and pains? 

Your body goes through remarkable changes during the birthing process, and it’s only natural that you’ll need some recovery time to regain full body healing and control. It can take a bit longer to regain your flexibility and sail back to full strength, but our tailored Osteopathic care can help quicken your recovery.  

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The best part? Our personalised guidance offered by the Focus Osteopathy family is non-invasive and supports your body through this period of change, whilst empowering you to recover and regain the strength and function you are after to achieve your goals.

We help you focus on recovery through treatment, education and specialized forms of exercises, aimed at restoring confidence and balance while addressing and relieving both short-term and long-term discomfort.

We always make sure that our service is individualised for each person, as we feel it is crucial to apply the appropriate exercises that your body would benefit best from. After all, everyone is unique, and therefore each treatment should be tailored per person, too.  

An Introduction to Postpartum Osteopathic Services

Introduction to Postpartum Osteopathic

Bringing a newborn into the world can be amazing, just as it can be overwhelming. Even more so when you consider how your body is recovering from the birthing process. And, just as you are told to take care of yourself during pregnancy to aid your body, the postpartum period deserves the same attention to wellbeing.  

Postpartum is more than just a word that summarises time. The postpartum period can create emotional and physical changes that vary from mother to mother, with some recovering quickly while others deal with prolonged aches and pains.

Appropriate self-care – such as proper hydration, adequate sleep and nutrition as well as gentle exercise – are the foundations for optimal recovery, however your body needs more assistance once you are up and about running after children and wanting to commence higher impact exercise.

As such, osteopathy is fast becoming a popular service throughout the postpartum period. Osteopathic services help to reduce pain, provide education and assist to strengthen muscles, in turn reducing the discomfort created by weakened and overstretched tissue. 

The Focus Osteopathy team will work closely with you to restore your flexibility, address any mobility concerns and provide individualised exercise programs to ensure you can achieve your health goals Concerns over your movement are likely to have stemmed from posture changes impacted by your growing baby, and the subsequent effect on your hips, so don’t panic – it’s all completely manageable.

After a few sessions, you will feel supported and have a plan on the right path for ditching any discomfort. You’ll gain an education on how to prevent other conditions from arising after the birthing process. That may help you out if you plan on having another child.  

How Does Osteopathy Help My Body Recover?

How Does Osteopathy Help My Body Recover?

It’s a well-spoken wonder. Birthing a baby brings emotions that you never knew existed. It’s undeniable that an elated world of heightened joy radiates from each new mother, yet it would be unwise to ignore the toll that everything takes on your body – regardless of C-section or natural delivery.  

Your pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal muscles work double time throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. Those changes to your body can result in individualised discomfort and symptoms, including incontinence and diastasis recti – not to mention those common occurrence of pelvic and back pain.  

Not all forms of discomfort make themselves apparent straight away. After giving birth, new mums often experience a range of physical changes that gradually lead into broadly vague yet uncomfortable health concerns – so please don’t stress if those aches and pains appear some weeks or months after your baby arrives.  

To help your body recover, we apply gentle pressure on specific areas to release tension in your muscles and connecting tissues. As this happens, we also apply gentle strengthening and stretching exercises that softly address areas where strength and flexibility have been affected.  

Postural changes associated with caring for a newborn is another lasting effect that we typically see in our Murumbeena and Mount Waverley clinics. Our exercises can help with that, too, and get you back on form for daily life.  

Make yourself a priority

You know all those spa adverts that scream about ‘taking time for you’? It’s time to listen to them. It’s oh-so-easy to become absorbed in prioritising your newborn child, but it’s imperative to also consider yourself – otherwise, how will you recuperate both emotionally and physically?  

Everything offers an advantage, whether it’s a group class, a series of at-home exercises, or a one-on-one session with an osteopath. However, if you want to recover fully – we’d recommend a combination.  

Osteopathic care can address your balance, strength, mobility and joints, helping you to feel stronger. Mums are famous for being resilient, but you can’t bounce back without taking a step towards self-awareness. Taking painkillers, or waking up with the hope that all niggles or pains have subsided,  won’t provide the best quality of life.  

The Focus Osteopathy team has proudly assisted a generation of new mums to regain their strength, and we cater for the social side throughout this process. If you have questions, then we are here to answer them. The same applies to any worries that you may feel. Talk to us, as we know exactly how you’ll be feeling.  

Of course, there’s also the trouble and disruption of attending any healthcare appointment. There are numerous reasons why we delay seeing a healthcare practitioner. And, let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t want to go.   

Amongst all else that’s going on, attending a medical appointment isn’t exactly the most exciting nor appealing of activities. To possess and retain optimal health, it is crucial to make yourself as much of a priority as your little one.  

This is particularly true when it comes to women’s health issues.  Thanks to the complexity of female physiology, as well as the various reproductive processes that are unique to women, there is significant potential over a woman’s lifetime for niggling health issues to appear throughout the postpartum period and beyond.  

But seeking help doesn’t make you any less of a woman or a mother. By investing in yourself, you are ensuring a brighter future.  

There is nothing to feel embarrassed about

Osteopathy Can Help Your Postpartum Pain

Pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary issues and prolapse concerns are common complaints and worries for post-partum women. It may sound scary, especially when performing a self-diagnosis using Dr. Google, but trust us – it’s a common side effect, and perfectly treatable. Most importantly do not leave these symptoms or concerns unaddressed. There is lots of help out there 

As a new mum, there’s a lot to take in. From feeding and bath time, to development, your mind becomes a busy place. Talk about a learning curve! So, when adjusting to the lifestyle changes brought about by the arrival of your little one, there’s no shame in any form of postpartum health condition. You are human, and humans take time to heal and recover.  

Ignoring urinary leakage or ‘embarrassing’ conditions only causes suffering for one person – and that person is you. Speak with us, rather than opting to suffer in silence. You’d be surprised at how many new mums suffer from discomfort and prolonged issues – all of which could have been quashed long ago.  

The important thing to remember here is that addressing health issues early in the postpartum period helps to prevent conditions from getting worse. With our guidance and knowledge, we can help speed up your recovery and regain your confidence. It’s our service to you – after all, life is a gift, and we don’t want you missing out.  

There’s no need to suffer through aches and pains that put a stop to your daily life, or prevents you from enjoying the best part of motherhood – developing a bond with your newborn child. Sleepless nights should disappear as your child gets older and more self-dependent, rather than continuing because of lower back pain or discomfort. You’d be surprised how quickly you could be back on your feet.  

Reach out to us, and we’ll help guide you through a safe and gentle programme to aid recovering from the birthing process. We’re here to assist you and create a better quality of life, and look forward to welcoming you into our community.  


Don't suffer in silence. Reach out to us.