5 Proven Tips For How to Fix Shoulder Pain

As the Australian summer fades and cooler weather ushers in, there is a tangible excitement for the holidays, a time for embracing loved ones and creating joyous memories.  

Yet, for many, this anticipation is shadowed by a gnawing concern – shoulder pain. Lying awake at night, plagued by thoughts of how aching shoulders might mar the holiday experience, is a stark contrast to the merriment we should be feeling.  

The worry about travelling, the sleepless nights, the fear of missing festive activities – these become the unwanted companions of those suffering from shoulder pain. 

Impact of Shoulder Pain on Holiday Festivities: 

The festive season, with its myriad of activities, can be particularly challenging for those with shoulder pain. Envision travelling to visit family – the long hours in planes or cars, the lifting and carrying luggage, each action a potential trigger for pain.  

Think about the flurry of activities at home: cooking and preparing for family gatherings, the constant motion of cleaning, decorating the house, putting up the Christmas tree, and hanging lights.  

These should be moments of joy and celebration, yet for someone with shoulder pain, they can become sources of dread and discomfort. Every reach, every lift, a reminder of the persistent pain. 

Five Proven Tips for How to Fix Shoulder Pain: 

Gentle Stretching – Regain the Joy of Decorating:  

  • Before diving into holiday preparations, start with gentle stretching exercises for your shoulders.  
  • Simple stretches can significantly alleviate shoulder pain, making it easier to reach up and adorn your home with festive cheer.  
  • Stretching helps in restoring mobility and reducing discomfort, allowing you to engage in decorating without the shadow of pain. 

Correct Lifting Techniques – Ease of Travel:  

  • Travelling should be about the excitement of unfamiliar places and faces, not the worry of aggravating shoulder pain. Employ correct lifting techniques when handling luggage. Use your legs, not your back and shoulders, to lift.  
  • Keep items close to your body to reduce strain. These methods ensure that your travel remains pain-free and enjoyable. 

Mindful Posture – Comfort in Socialising:  

  • Shoulder pain can turn socialising into an ordeal. Being mindful of your posture, whether standing or sitting, can provide significant relief. Avoid slouching; keep your shoulders relaxed and aligned.  
  • Proper posture allows you to be present and engaged in social events, free from the distraction of pain. 

Heat Therapy – Soothe Pain for Restful Sleep:  

  • A good night’s sleep is crucial, especially during the busy holiday season. Heat therapy can be a comforting remedy for shoulder pain.  
  • A warm compress or heat pad applied to the affected area can relax the muscles, ease pain, and promote better sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s festivities. 

Regular Breaks and Movement – Joy in Cooking and Preparation: 

  • Preparing festive meals should be a delightful experience, not marred by shoulder pain.  
  • Take regular breaks during extended periods of cooking or cleaning. Introduce light movement or stretching to prevent your shoulders from stiffening. This approach allows you to enjoy the culinary preparations pain-free. 

This holiday season do not let shoulder pain dampen your spirit. Embrace the opportunity to address this pain and reclaim the joy of the holidays.  

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