A woman’s body goes through many significant changes during pregnancy. Extra weight along with changes in the spine, muscles, and joints can cause pain and discomfort as the fetus grows.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Sally is 16 weeks pregnant and is finally over her morning sickness (hopefully). It is her first pregnancy and she is starting to realise just how many changes her body is going through. One day it’s her lower back, the next it’s her upper back, then it’s her hip…there is always something going on! Sally is intent on doing everything in her power to make sure that she has a healthy baby and that includes looking after herself. But who can she go and see to get some advice? Is it safe to get treatment when you’re pregnant?

The Approach

Pregnancy osteopathy is a safe and gentle treatment to help your body adapt to the natural changes of your growing fetus.

Some aspects that our Pregnancy Osteopaths will consider include:

  • Pre-natal musculoskeletal health
  • Pregnancy musculoskeletal pain:
    • Back ache
    • Leg pain
    • Headaches
    • Pelvic pain
    • Postural changes.
  • Advice for correct posture, exercise and general comfort
  • Post-natal musculoskeletal health:
    • After birth and post pregnancy lower back and pelvis check
  • Advice on post-natal recovery
    • Abdominal separation assessment
    • Pelvic floor and pelvic stability
    • Clearance for starting exercise.
  • Postural changes post pregnancy due to:
    • Breast feeding
    • Nursing
    • Carrying a baby

Our Osteopaths are experienced and gentle. They help women feel comfortable through their pregnancies with carefully selected techniques and guidance.

They also provide advice and support after pregnancy to help you recover as best and as quickly as you can.

Some aspects that our Massage Therapist will consider include:

  • Pregnancy massage – relaxation, tension, postural changes and swelling
  • Post pregnancy – postural changes, relaxation, tension
  • Advice – stretches.
Our Exercise Physiologists will consider the following aspects to help you at all stages of pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy

  • Pelvic floor strength
  • Lower back and pelvic stability and strength.

During Pregnancy

  • Lower back and pelvic stability
  • Adapt and cope with postural changes
  • Advice and exercise: tailored, safe and gentle

After Pregnancy

  • Abdominal separation (if any): regain core strength
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Post-baby body
  • Return to exercise after the baby has been born
  • Recovery to help with future pregnancies.
Nutritional support is important at all stages of pregnancy.

Before Pregnancy

Some nutritional deficiencies can affect the condition of the body. This can affect a couple’s ability to conceive.

We work with both males and females to give their bodies a chance to conceive.

During Pregnancy

Poor nutrition can play a role in:

  • Neural tube defects
  • Anaemia
  • Post-natal depression.

We give you nutritional advice for a healthy and smooth pregnancy and a healthy growing fetus.

After pregnancy

Nutrition can play a positive role in:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Losing the baby weight
  • Keeping Mum healthy

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