What is Nutrition?

Nutritional medicine gives your body the right nutrients so you can feel your best physically, mentally and emotionally for a long and healthy life without illness. It works with nature’s ability to heal the body and gives this healing process a helping hand.

Your body is constantly trying to adapt to your environment, your lifestyle and your diet. Often, it could benefit from nutritional support.

Nutritional medicine will help you to discover what is good for you, and what you can do to eat your way to better health – not only to correct illness, but to prevent it in the first place.

Tailored Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Every person is different and we take the time to find out about your life, your diet, and health goals. We work together to help you achieve those goals.

Each session will be customised to suit your specific health and dietary requirements.

Qualifications of our Nutritionists

  • 3 Year Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

Why visit a Nutritionist?

Every person has a different lifestyle, genetic make up, food and exercise preferences, and nutritional needs.

Our Nutritionist looks at your situation and provides advice, support and a plan that will help you most. You can expect simple and realistic tips you can easily follow to get the results you want.

Available Methods and Tools

  • Nutrition
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Homeopathic complexes
  • Lifestyle and emotional assessment.

Diagnostic Tools

Appointment Information

What to Bring

  • Any recent blood test results
  • Food diary (if you have one)
  • Any other relevant information from your health history.

Opening Hours

Nutrition Mount Waverley

  • Thursday: 10.00am – 2.00pm

Nutrition Murrumbeena

  • Monday 10:30am – 2.00pm AND 4.00pm – 6.00pm

­Other appointment times may be available upon request.