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Postnatal back pain

"7 simple ways to relieve excruciating postnatal back pain after pregnancy NATURALLY so you can get ACTIVE, ENJOY YOUR NEW BABY, and FEEL NORMAL again."

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So you’re looking for information about how to relieve your postnatal back pain. Well you’re in the right place! Below are the most common symptoms of postnatal back pain we help mum’s with everyday.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Severe upper back or middle back pain that has continued from pregnancy?
  • Pain or stiffness from sitting or standing too long?
  • Back pain so bad you can’t sit up straight because it hurts too much?
  • Excruciating pain in your coccyx / tailbone?

You are not alone if you feel these ‘common’ forms of postnatal back pain. Many mum’s don’t get help for many months – or years after having a baby.

Understandably, there’s a lot going on. Pop a few pain killers, and hope the pain goes away. Push through it – after all, you’ve gone through childbirth, how bad can this be?

Maybe you can push through for a while but after weeks or months, you notice the pain is still there. What’s more, it’s getting much worse and with the lack of sleep, feeding, nappy changes, and all the craziness that comes with a new baby, it’s getting really hard to cope.

You’re so scared something is wrong. You feel like something else is going on. Then you start noticing things that really worry you.

The pain may start to get worse. Now you may feel:

  • Severe SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and pelvic girdle pain long after childbirth
  • Troubling laying on a bed and walking, so you need to take pain killers
  • Your back flares up months – even years after having kids especially when you sleep badly or do something “stupid”
  • You’re in agony and it’s taken you months – or years to walk properly again
  • Pain that gets so bad you’re unable to do any household chores and you stay away from your favourite pre-pregnancy exercises
  • Depressed, frustrated, and confused because nothing seems to make the agonizing pain go away.

If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone – we hear these worries all the time. In fact, postnatal back pain is one of THE most common problems we help mum’s with at our clinics in Mt Waverley, and Murrumbeena.

When it comes to living with postnatal back pain, every mum we see wants the answers to these questions:

“Why is this happening to me?”


“Why am I still suffering with postnatal back pain that’s getting worse even after 6 months or more?”

When this happens, you get really anxious. Scared. You think something major is going on and at this point you may realise your postnatal back isn’t going away on its own. Mum’s come into our clinics all the time whilst they’re going through this experience. Usually:

  • Weeks and months go by…
  • More pushing through. More drugs for the pain…
  • You consult Dr Google for ‘back pain after 1 year pregnancy’, ‘postpartum back pain home remedies’ and ‘lower back pain after childbirth epidural’ for a solid solution, but are overwhelmed by the 15 pages of search results…
  • You jump on forums hoping to see if:
    • someone can relate – so you can feel less alone
    • get insight into your condition
    • exchange advice about what has worked (or not)
    • anyone can recommend who to go to (and not go to)
    • there are natural ways to get rid of the pain quickly.

Has that happened to you?

  • You’re not doing any exercise and eating badly because you can’t get out of this cycle
  • You’re so worried you can’t function
  • Nervous you’ll end up immobile much earlier if you have another baby
  • You’re confused, scared, and grumpy
  • Struggling because you can’t rest or avoid activities because you have a child – and maybe even an older child to look after
  • Sad about the prospect of never doing your favourite form of exercise again
  • You can’t help feeling negative and endlessly tired about everything and with everyone…
  • And your postnatal back pain feels so much worse
  • It’s so much worse because you have no clue what’s going on
  • And nothing makes you feel completely normal
  • So you put off making a decision, you feel stuck – so you procrastinate
  • You accept the pain as “normal” and “part of your life”. It “has to be that way”

Is this how you feel too?

If you’re currently living with postnatal back pain, here are 7 more reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

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We understand you may feel lostsceptical, or completely overwhelmed by now. Please know that you are not alone. Here at Focus Osteopathy, we hear this ALL the time!

If any of these have happened to you – we would love to help you figure out what to do next. It’s GREAT that you’ve tried any – or all – of these things. You now know what doesn’t work. So you’re a step closer to finding out what does work!

Book a call to chat to a friendly Osteopath at our Murrumbeena or Mount Waverley clinic. Get personalised advice from experts. All calls are FREE – and there’s NO OBLIGATION to make an appointment. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next.

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Your pain is NOT OKYou DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT!

What can I do to get rid of MY postnatal back pain quickly?

Our experience and knowledge from helping hundreds of mum’s with postnatal back pain in our 2 clinics has helped us discover common sources of pain. And common ways to relieve postnatal back pain quickly for mum’s. These may also work for you.

Here are 4 things you can do:

Many mum’s rest long after the suggested 6 weeks. Thinking the pain should ‘get better over time’. They put up with it long after 6 weeks. Then 6 months – or longer and the pain has gotten worse.

Your Osteopath can give you exercises to help reduce your pain such as:

  • Focus on strengthening the right muscles (not pelvic floor muscles!).
  • We’ll help you understand the only exercise classes you should be considering – and what to look for in an instructor who really knows your problem (if you don’t, you could make your back pain worse)
  • The one painless exercise you can – and should be doing (you can even do this with your new baby!)

Having the right bedding – and sleeping with it in the right way can make a huge difference.

At Focus Osteopathy, postnatal back pain is one of the most common issues we see mum’s living with. And osteopathy has been shown to be effective for the treatment of back pain.

If your postnatal back pain is affecting your day, holding you back from your favourite pre-pregnancy exercises, or keeping you from enjoying time with your new baby and family, Osteopathy can give you the best opportunity to get you back to normal.

This exactly why we are here to help! What we understand about why you have visited our website today, is that you want a NATURAL way to get rid of your excruciating postnatal back pain. We’re here to help you figure this out and give you the confidence, clarity, and direction to do something NATURAL to ease your postnatal back pain.

From helping hundreds of mum’s in our clinics, we’ve found that the number 1 reason why mum’s suffer from postnatal back pain is because they are not completely aware of their bodies…but more importantly, most mum’s don’t understand the root cause of their pain.

The truth about postnatal back pain…is that there is NO QUICK FIX. There is no MAGIC SOLUTION.

It’s important to understand this:

Over time, for anyone with postnatal back pain that’s left untreated, muscles will get weak. Joints will get stiff. And get worse with time.

Do you want to risk waiting?


Would you like to go and find out exactly what’s wrong – and start your recovery now!

At Focus Osteopathy, we are here for TO HELP YOU GET BACK TO GOOD HEALTH. Without postnatal back pain. For the long term. No magic pills. No quick fixes. Just a solid, actionable, natural recovery plan made especially for you.

The truth is, without knowing you or your medical history intimately, we cannot tell you which of our treatments will work best for you. Even if we did know the root cause of your postnatal health concerns, there are no guarantees that any one single strategy will work.

But over the last few years, we’ve been able to narrow down what really does and doesn’t work when it comes to finding the fastest route possible back to pre- pregnancy health, strength, and a life without back pain.

Note: that osteopathy has been proven effective in treating back pain. It’s also generally considered to be safe but occasionally may be associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases.

It’s worth a go isn’t it? If you’re sick of your postnatal back pain, book your completely free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at one of our clinics.

Note: This free session is for mum’s who are nervous or sceptical about Osteopathy – unsure of its benefits – or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free discovery session. We’ll help you find out what’s wrong – and what can be done – without any financial risk for you.

How can choosing to see an Osteopath at Focus Osteopathy help you relieve your postnatal back pain - in the short term?

Here’s what you can expect the Osteopathy team to work on for you:

During your session you’ll:

  • Be listened to: we want to understand your struggles and how your problem has been affecting your life
  • Set goals: you’ll dig deeply to decide how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish (whether you want to get back to sport or work again, or just get through your day without pain)
  • Find out the root causes of your pain from a whole-of-body perspective: you are not your postnatal back pain – by understanding you, we get a better picture of how your problem has developed.

What you’ll get from your personalised, one-on-one session:

  • You’ll get “manual therapy” techniques where we use our hands or tools to:
    • Deal with “scar tissue” that may have built up from old injuries
    • Unlock stiff, achy joints to help you move better
    • Experience our unique style of “trigger point” release that “hits the spot” of nagging pain that’s so hard to find
  • An individualised, focussed, corrective exercise program designed for your level of comfort and ability to:
    • Improve your exercise form so you won’t need to “modify exercises” around your back anymore
    • Boost your energy and restore confidence in your body when you build core strength and stability
    • Strengthen your back and restore movement so you can enjoy taking care of your baby and get active again
    • Take back control of your body through exercises that give you “body awareness” so you avoid pain “flaring up”
  • Long-term support. We are only a phone call or email away.

You’ll find all this in a friendlyapproachablenon-judgmental environment. We listen, we care. We want to know why. We are dedicated to guiding you through your journey, positively influencing your life – and the lives of those around you.

When you combine all our tools, techniques, and exercises…you’re more likely to feel stronger and more confident, but most importantly you’re more likely to build a good awareness of your body. This will ultimately give you the best opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle after pregnancy – free of painkillers and away from unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office.

Ready to begin?

Schedule your no-obligation, 100% free 20 minute phone consultation with our Osteopath (female Osteopaths available).

From here we can start an open, and honest conversation about your health, just to make sure we’re the right fit for you.

IF YOUR POSTNATAL BACK PAIN IS EXCRUCIATING, or you’re keen to start the healing process ASAP, schedule your 100% FREE 30 minute “discovery session” – a free 30 minute “taster sample” of our services. You’ll get to see our clinic and meet us in person to check if we’re a good fit for each other.