Weight Loss

Focus Osteopathy believes that a healthy approach that is personally tailored and realistic is essential to helping you lose weight – and to keeping it off in the long term.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Trent knows that he needs to lose some weight. In fact, he would ideally love to be 10kg lighter. His weight causes his back to hurt, he is constantly tired and just generally feels unhealthy. Trent has heard about all the ‘Diets’ out there and is not in the least bit interested in these but just wants to be educated on healthy habits. Probably most pressing for Trent is that in 7 months he marry’s the love of his life. As if there wasn’t enough to research already…..now to find someone who can help.

The Approach

Every person has different food and exercise preferences, careers, lifestyle and genetic make up. So a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work – each person needs advice that is tailored to their needs and requirements.

Some aspects that our Nutritionist will examine and consider include:

  • Simple and convenient weight management programs including our ‘Shake-it’ and ‘Detox’ programs
  • Healthy food
  • Shopping lists
  • A Realistic approach that you can incorporate into your life
  • Tips and diary to help you stay on track
  • Family eating habits
  • Correct reading of food labels – know once and for all what to look for on the supermarket shelves.
You may have an injury or pain as a result of the extra weight you are carrying or have weight-related diabetes. Osteopathy is an ideal first step toward your weight loss goals.

We aim to assist you to overcome any injury holding you back from your weight loss goal. Some aspects that our Osteopaths will consider and examine include:

  • A detailed explanation of the cause of the problem
  • An investigation into lifestyle, with the aim to provide appropriate exercise advice  and guidance for your condition.

Our Osteopaths work closely with our Nutritionist, if required, to find a balance between healthy eating and physical activity.

Some aspects that our Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Pilates instructor will examine and consider include:

  • Tailored exercise programs for weight loss
  • Exercise education and support
  • Health coaching and weight loss support
  • Joint pain associated with excess weight
  • High cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscular strength and fitness.

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