How our Nutritionist Can Help

Have you tried countless weight loss diets but failed to get results?

Ever wondered why weight loss diets never seem to work?

Do you know how to turn on your body’s natural fat burning process?

Our Nutritionist can help you lose weight and keep it off with:

  • Professional advice tailored to your individual requirements, helping you overcome the obstacles of weight loss
  • A simple to follow and convenient weight management program with lots of healthy food
  • Great tasting supplements to make quick and easy shakes, soups and bars in a variety of flavours.

Our Nutritionalist can also:

  • Point out delicious healthy recipes to follow
  • Help put together shopping  lists
  • Identify what foods to avoid when shopping
  • Develop a diary to track your progress
  • Provide tips and education to stay on track
  • Review your lifestyle, habits and food preferences
  • Motivate you when the going gets tough!

Switch on Fat Burning

Secret: Fat burning happens when your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels are low enough. Eating less is not the answer – you need to eat less high GI (glycaemic index) foods such as carbs to switch on fat burning.

Your body has 3 sources of energy: it can burn fat, glucose (carbs), or protein. Eating high GI foods affects the insulin hormone and ‘switches off’ your body’s ability to burn fat – increasing your ability to gain fat.

High GI foods include foods such as sugars and starchy foods found in potatoes, bread, and pasta.

It is very difficult to lose fat if you have high insulin levels.

Our Nutritionist will work with you to lower your insulin levels to ‘switch on’ your body’s ability to burn fat more effectively.

To switch on fat burning: Don’t eat less food. Eat less high GI foods.