Based on hematology, one of the oldest and highly developed of the medical sciences, live blood screening enables your practitioner to further understand and monitor your health status. Poor eating and lifestyle choices and our environments can all impact negatively on the quality of our blood. Using only a few drops of your blood, a live blood screening can determine the size, shape and ratios of the cells in your blood and the effect your current lifestyle has on this vital system.

Importantly, as we work towards improving the quality of your diet, mindset, spirit and lifestyle, the state of your blood will also improve. As testament to your improving health, these changes can be easily observed and monitored by each client during subsequent visits.

Live blood screening assesses for a number of ailments, including nutritional deficiencies such as iron, folate, and B vitamins, bacterial infections, viruses, liver stress, fat breakdown, excess lipids in the blood, inflammation, poor digestion and absorption, ionic cell charge status and stress to name a few.

People seek advice from a Nutritionist for many reasons including;

Doctors referral, fatigue, weight loss, weight or muscle gain, eating disorders, joint pain, cancer prevention or battling, digestive problems, stress, food allergies, general allergies, skin disorders, cardiovascular health, mental health, hormonal problems, pre & post natal, and optimising general health.