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True or False – Top 12 Nutrition Questions Answered!

True or False? Eggs raise cholesterol levels? Olive oil prevents heart disease? Red wine better for you than white wine? It is possible to drink too much water? Do you think you know the answers?

Do You Suffer From Annoying Afternoon Headaches?

Suffering headaches is certainly not uncommon, and whilst there are many causes of headaches, there are also many things that can be done to reduce their frequency and severity.

Children, Adolescents and Injuries…How You Can Help?

Children and teenagers lead a busy, active lifestyle. Participating in after school activities, playing high levels of sport and not having enough down time can have a detrimental effect on their growing bodies. Add school into the mix where kids are carrying heavy textbooks, studying for long periods of time and sitting for hours and [...]

Pregnancy Back Pain from an Osteopath’s view

Pregnancy is such a special experience. There is something to be said about carrying, growing and protecting your little bundle of joy. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling. The pregnancy experience is often described as all joy, love, glowing and happiness, however in reality it can actually turn out to be all nausea, [...]

I have back pain when I wake – what can I do?

It is a common complaint of patients…” I keep waking with pain and stiffness in my back or neck”, “I can’t get comfortable in bed”, “I can’t sleep because my back pain or because my hips hurt”. Our bodies NEED good sleep to rest, recharge and repair. It is important that you do everything you [...]